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"Ecosex Experience" by Giuditta Sin.

New echoes from the woods.

I want to return to the source, to the mother's womb, to the lover's arms.

Sink your legs into the earth and rediscover your roots.

My arms are trunks that embrace trunks.

Beyond ecosexuality (nature seen as a lover and no longer as a mother), beyond dendrophilia (sexual attraction to trees), I reconnect with simplicity to what is most profound to me.

I accept and respect it.

Through nature I rediscover my own nature, I strip myself of everything to feel all its vital energy within myself and feel it pulsating in every fiber of my body.

Free in my wildness.

What was before me and what will be after.

What I came from and what I will return to.




a sincere declaration of love.

A proactive awareness towards a land that must be cared for, towards a social, environmental, economic world that must be revolutionised.

Ecosex experience

It is a laboratory on ecosexual practices and languages. A new way of approaching nature and trying to love it with our whole body.

In contact with all nature (plants, trees, rivers, minerals etc..)

We can awaken our senses and above all reconnect with our vital, erotic and creative energy and understand that we exist and live as an integral part of the biosphere.



The event is scheduled for the weekend of 5/6 August 2023.

Giuditta, a performance artist and exponent of the ecosexual movement in Italy, will guide you along this journey to rediscover your wildness and your most instinctual side that society increasingly tends to deny.

Performance and installation by Giuditta sin and Alexandros Mars

  • ecosexual practices, work on body awareness and sensual interaction between human beings and nature.

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Saturday 05 August 2023 , departure from Selva di Cadore (BL), 09:00 am, to reach Sosass, near the Giau Pass.
Sunday 06 August 2023 , departure from Selva di Cadore (BL), 09:00 am, to reach Sosass (venue of the event), adjacent to the
Giau Pass.
The activities of the two days will be divided into morning and afternoon; the latter always departing from Selva di Cadore at 3:00 pm.

€60.00 each for every single "Ecosex Experience " activity .
€49.00 E Bike guide, from Selva di Cadore to the event location.
"front" bike and rental for a day.
€55.00, rental and "full" bike for a day.


De Mattia Stefano Via 4 Novembre, 22 - 32020 Selva di Cadore (BL). VAT number 01232870251.
IBAN: LT71 3250 0118 0613 7384 - BIC REVOLT21

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