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In e Bike to Museums

Try the experience of the history about our valleys

Today May 04th 2019, we have reached an agreement concerning visits to the Vittorino Cazzetta Museum, Miniere del Fursil and Castello di Andraz. Visits that will be easily accessible by E-bikes, acrossing Zardin, Posalz area and for the most part the "Strada de la Vena." It will be an unforgettable day for those who have the opportunity to live it! Summer appointments regarding this trip are assigned for all Sundays.

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A wonderful tour, initially visiting the "Vittorino Cazzetta Museum", which tells the story from the footsteps of Dinosaurs, collected by the Pelmetto who approaches Mount Pelmo. Later we will be guests in the room of "Valmo", the man of Mondeval, 7,000 years ago, with his bones still well preserved, his weapons aimed at supplying food for the family. A beautiful story that takes you back in this time. We will also tell a brief part of the history of the Serenissima Repubblica of Venice. Subsequently, once the visit is complete, we can take our e bikes back towards Rova, Zardin and at Posalz we will stop to visit the "Vauz Mines" about 200 meters from the Posalz. The history of the mine is very interesting, it tells of the extraction of iron, to supply both the Bishopric of Bressanone, and the Serenissima Repubblica of Venice, which also melted iron for weapons.

We will then continue our journey towards Andraz, crossing Rù, Canazei, Colcuc, Larzonei,

Cernadoi, then go straight up to the Castle, a marvel with a beautiful story, it was run for a period by the Bishopric of Bressanone. But it will be our guide to explain his story, visiting the interiors, from which you will be fascinated!

A SHORT ROUND TO DISCOVER THE MINES OF  "VAUZ" Km. 6,990 Different positive Mt. 226


A beautiful albeit brief tour between Selva di Cadore and Colle Santa Lucia, especially suitable for those who want to try this wonderful vehicle, or beginner for E Bike, in the simplest way. We will depart from Selva di Cadore, to reach Rova, Zardin, connecting us to the Passo Giau road, crossing it a few meters, and then taking the municipal road to Posalz. Also on this route you can visit the "Vauz" Mine. Then we go down to Pian di Colle Santa Lucia for a short stop (optional), at the Silver Chiosco, where you can admire one of the most beautiful views in the world.

Then we leave towards Codalonga and finally we turn back Selva di Cadore destination.

The route will take place every Tuesday, from 08.30 a.m.

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